Are prices correct on the web site?

All prices are subject to change without notice. But prices are kept up continually.

Is there a minimum order?
There are no minimum orders.

What are the payment terms?
Orders can be prepaid by Visa, Master Card, Discover or Pay Pal. It is possible to prepay by money order, but please note that it will slow down the ordering process. We DO NOT SHIP COD

How long does it take to ship my order?
We ship all orders 1-7 working days from the receipt of the order. It depends on if it is a stock item, or an imprinted item.

How is the shipping price determined?
Most orders ship via ground, UPS, unless you request expedited shipping. All costs of shipping are determined by the UPS price chart. Prices are determined by weight or box size. Price of freight will be determined once order are processed, due to the many sizes and weights of our products. Be aware, expedited shipping can become quite costly. We recommend ordering early to prevent these additional costs.

Who pays for the shipping?
Customer is responsible for most shipping expenses. Note, on wedding invitations, we pay freight on orders over $250.00, ground.

Can I return a product once I get it?
All sales are final on imprinted goods. Please make sure you check all spelling and information on computer proof for accuracy. If you are unhappy with a product and it is a non-printed item, it may be returned. The cost of shipping on the return will be paid by the customer. All products must be in good condition w hen returned. If we receive a product back that is not in good condition or looks used, you will not receive a credit.

DO NOT return the product without prior authorization.

You will need a return authorization number as well as a return address.

I need my products by a certain date. Will I get it on time?
Yes. Indicate on your order when you need the product by. If we calculate that you will not be able to get it in time by ground shipping, we will call you and discuss alternative methods of shipping.

What if I get a product and it is broken?
You need to report all broken items within 4 working days from the day you receive it. Festivity Resources will not be responsible for any complaints after the 4 days. If you receive a product broken, DO NOT throw away the box. A UPS claim will be made by Festivity Resources and there may be a possibility that UPS will want to inspect it. If the original box is not available, the claim will be forfeited.

Will all the products I order ship at the same time?

Not necessarily. Some products may ship on different dates and from different locations. We will notify you of the date that each product ships and the estimated arrival date.

Can I buy wholesale?
Yes, prices on the internet are retail. By setting up an account with us and providing a resale number and a copy of your resale certificate, you will be set up as a wholesale customer. You will be given a password to view wholesale pricing.

Are there quantity discounts?
No, at this time we pride ourselves on low pricing.